Hopefully this site will help you pick up the rules and strategies for blackjack, tell you a little about the game and show you some of the best places to play on the internet. I love playing blackjack and always do well when playing blackjack.

I decided to put this site together after going to my local casino and seeing people literally giving their money away playing blackjack. If you follow the basic strategies on this site I won’t guarantee that you will win but I will guarantee that you will have a better chance of winning.

Why Blackjack

There is a very good reason why Blackjack is one of the most popular games at the casino. Quite simply, if you follow blackjack strategy to the letter, the house edge will be practically non-existent. The best strategy to follow online is the basic strategy. There are some standard guidelines that are widely accepted, and should be adhered to when at all possible:

  • If you use basic strategy, you can reduce the house edge to less than 1% (the exact odds depend on the casino’s blackjack rules and number of decks see the strategy page).
  • Regardless of what the dealer’s up card is, always split Aces and 8’s.
  • Increase the amount of your bet only when you are winning.
  • Multiply your normal bet by 40 in order to determine an appropriate bankroll.
  • Your expected loss will be 10 times worse if you mimic the dealer, that is hitting all 16’s, standing on 17’s and never splitting or doubling, than if you play from the strategy chart.

5 Steps to playing Online Blackjack

  • Pick a reputable Casino with decent odds (house edge less than %1)
  • Deposit funds to receive the maximum bonus (within your own budget contraints)
  • Wager around 5 dollars/pounds for every 2 hundred in your account until you meet the wager requirements
  • Follow the basic strategy at all times
  • Cash in your wins once you have met the wagering requirements. Only deposits gaining a bonus will have wager requirements, this stops players simply walking away with free cash without playing. I recommend cashing in when you have bet slightly over the wager requirements so the casino doesn’t label you a bonus chaser. Continue to gamble with the winnings until you have hit you selected target win (decide this before you start playing).
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